Diane's and Soulja's Story

Diane and Soulja

Soulja is officially my father-in-low but I also like to think of him as mine too. 

He was named after a music group called Souljaboy. My boyfriend chose his name when he was a teenager because he was really into the music. 

He is a black Belgian Shepherd and a very very faithful dog. Every time I visit him, he is jumping for joy and follows me around like my shadow. He loves play in the public garden in front of his house, his favourite game it is the pinecone game! We throwing it and he brings it back immediately and ask again. Never tires. 

He is a very popular dog in his neighbourhood, for two main reasons: it is a very beautiful dog with a brilliant fur and he is very sociable. He loves children, adults and his colleagues’ dogs (cat are wary about him and its enthusiast). When he walks in the streets everybody comes to him in order to pet him and he give it back big and wait lick. For now, Soulja is the everyday partner of my father in low. As he is living alone, Soulja is keeping him company. They are inseparable such as two peas in a pod and they understood each other instinctively. He is his confident, his best friend and he encourage him to go out. Thanks to Soulja he met a lots of people. They spend lots of time outside by walking and visiting lots of new place around their house. 

Soulja is also in fond of food (a little bit too much… he loves join us and ask food when we are eating) and he is a big fan of glucosamine snacks that helps him to keep its suppleness and mobility, especially when he is playing to his favourite pinecone game.
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