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  • What can I do to protect my rabbit against Fly Strike?
  • Fly Strike tends to be more prevalent during the summer months when there are generally more flies. It can be fatal if left untreated. The risk of Fly Strike is increased by conditions causing dirty fur, which attracts flies. Animals living in a dirty hutch, suffering from diarrhoea, or that cannot clean themselves properly because they are overweight, arthritic, longhaired, have poor balance, are elderly or suffer dental disease are therefore particularly at risk. Open wounds and abscesses also increase the risk so seek veterinary advice. Fly Strike can happen to any small animal, especially those living outside. It is essential to check at least twice daily underneath and around the bottom for faecal soiling, sore places and matted fur.

    Prevention is better than cure:

    - Avoid diarrhoea by feeding a complete diet including high levels of fibre and progressively introduce new foods over a period of time.
    - Apply a suitable treatment to the animal’s rear that will prevent maggots from developing, such as Beaphar Fly Guard.
    - Use fly screens on hutches and runs.

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