Natalya's and Pusik's story

Natalya and Pusik's beaphar story

My cat is called Pusik and he is 6 years old. 

When he was a kitten, so small that he was barely in the palm of a hand, someone threw him in the street. It is scandalous and horrible. How can we do that ?! 

I was on a business trip when I found him. The firstnight he slept with me in my hotel room, and I watched over him all night. Later, he came in the bus for Kiev to our apartment with me, in my pocket.  And since, he's one of us. I was so used to seeing him as my son that my daughter when she was young was jealous.  She said I loved Pusik more than she. I told him that he was part of our family. 

When Pusik wants some caresses, he comes and asks for, limits he demands.  And if he wants to be alone and do his business, he finds himself an inaccessible place where he curls up to rest. 

He does not like being hugged, but he lies down next to me and purrs and makes it sound like he is purring.  

Whenever I prepare and pack for a business trip, I find it in my suitcase.  He also finds it very nice to lie on my clothes in the closet. Pusik does not really like taking a bath, but he loves to lick for long, very long moments.  He is our favorite pet and is really part of the family.   


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