Our Family Stories

Here are some of Beaphar's family stories from those who work hard on making sure our value are carried throughout every department in the business. 

Marisca's Beaphar Story

Marisca's and Ralph's Story

Marisca is a Sale Representative for Beaphar Belgium and is a massive animal lover. She always had cats since her childhood, and that has not changed since she married her husband. When their last cat, Gijs, died at the age of 16, they really wanted another cat. By chance they came...

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Simon's Beaphar Story

Simon's and Henry's Story

Simon works for the UK team as a Key Account Team and has a beautiful story of how he met his loyal companion, Henry. It was early morning, and although...

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Diane's Beaphar Story

Diane's and Soulja's Story

Diane works for France as the Marketing Manager and has managed to creatively taken joint ownership of Soulja by....

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Nat's Beaphar Story

Natalya's and Pusik's Story

Natalya works for Beaphar as the Director for Ukraine. She has a beautiful cat called Pusik. When he was a small kitten, that fits in the palm of your hand, he...

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