Our Family History

Bernard Aa(Bernard Aa)

Beaphar was founded in 1942 by the man after whom the company is named: Bernard Aa (Phar). The company was originally set up to manufacture easy-to-cook five minute puddings and later made chocolate sprinkles for the army. With Grandfather Aa’s background as a miller and his passion for pets, it wasn’t long before Beaphar began developing homeopathic products for dogs and cats.

Beaphar's First Production Line

(Beaphar's First Factory)

  Henk Aa
(Henk Aa)

The 1950’s to 1970’s saw a period of growth for Beaphar. During this time, we produced our first veterinary product, Staupecid, followed by increased development and production of multiple types of medicines and care products for pets. Under the direction of J. Henk Aa the company embarked on a policy of expansion, which led to the takeover of “Geco” and the establishment of Beaphar GmbH in 1974. Following this initial expansion, Beaphar bought Koninklijke Maatschappij Draisma van Valkenburg, a manufacturer who specializes in calcium and mineral preparations for dogs and cats as well as Kappelle who specialized in bird feeds.


Beaphar Research and Development

(Beaphar's research and development team)

Daan Aa
(Daan Aa)

1979 marked the start of an exciting new area for Beaphar including the creation of our own R&D department complete with laboratory. This allowed the company to take a big step forward into the world of veterinary medicine and later led to production of our first dog and flea collar in 1983. Further takeovers happened between 1986 and 1989 with Rouppe van der Voort and Sabri Pet Supplies joining the Beaphar family. These two companies specialized in 404 bird sprays and dental care dog products respectively, which further added to Beaphar’s wide range of products available for pets.

Beaphar Warehouse

(Beaphar's production line)

A unique moment in the history of Beaphar arose in 1993 when, after eight years of case assessment, flea drops were registered. Beaphar was one of the very first companies to have this registration and what followed in 1994 was our largest takeover to date. This involved the takeover of the British firm Sherleys, a subsidiary of the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical giant Ciba Geigy (Novartis). This led to another important takeover in 2007 of British company Sinclair Animal and Household Care Limited, a manufacturer of medicines for pets and producer of a complete range of aquatic products: fish foods, water treatments and medicines. 

Both sales teams (Sinclair and Beaphar UK) were merged and became the biggest UK sales force in the pet market. In 2009, Beaphar UK won ‘Manufacturer of the Year’; further establishing themselves as one of the main manufacturers within the pet care market. Today, Beaphar is established across multiple territories and is one of the leading Pet Manufacturers.

Here is a map of all the countries we cover highlighted in white.
Beaphar World Map
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