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Dogs Fleas

  • My vet says shop bought products don’t work - is this true?
  • By law, all pet medicines have to pass stringent testing to prove effectiveness, quality and safety before they make it to market. To be allowed to be sold "over the counter", products have to have a long and robust safety record...
  • My dog / cat is scratching itself, does this mean it has fleas?
  • Your dog / cat may have fleas, but often dogs and cats scratch as part of their normal grooming routine. If you feel that they are scratching more than usual, or they are developing sore areas, then it is worth investigating further.
  • Why do flea bites itch?
  • When a flea takes a blood meal from you, it first injects an anti-coagulant (to stop the blood clotting in its mouthparts) & local anaesthetic (so you don't know it's biting you until it has finished and moved on) into you via its saliva...
  • How do I get rid of fleas in my house?
  • Vacuuming is the first line of defense against a flea infestation - but be sure to empty your cleaner OUTSIDE, or the you will be back where you started from...
  • Can humans catch fleas from my pet?
  • Fleas from your pet may well bite you, but they will jump off again once they have bitten you, as your blood doesn't taste right and you're not hairy enough!
  • Can I wash my pet before and after use of a Bio Spot On?
  • No, the Spot On is non-systematic, meaning it does not go through the skin into the dog’s adipose (fatty) tissue or bloodstream. Washing your dog means you wash away the spot on and thus the product won't work anymore.
  • Can my pets get worms from fleas?
  • Yes, fleas can carry a type of tape worm, therefore it is important to have a regular flea and worm control regime.

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