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Birds Medicines & Parasites

  • Can my birds bathe after I have treated them with the Anti-Parasite Spot On?
  • In order for the product to work properly, it needs to dry and spread over the coat of feathers before the birds bathe themselves again...
  • My parakeet has a wart-like rash on his paws. Is there a product that will cure this?
  • A wart-like rash on your parakeet's claws often indicated Scaly Face. This is cause by mites in the upperskin. These mites can be treated by using the Epithol- and Wound Ointment in combination with Parasita...
  • My bird has pneumonia - What should I do?
  • Pneumonia amongst birds can be quite dangerous. Additionally, it can spread to humans too. Therefore, it is very important to treat your animal against pneumonia if you notice it...
  • Can I do anything to speed up the moulting process in birds?
  • Moulting can be quite a long process, since birds rarely lose their entire coat of feathers at once. Beaphar Moulting-Aid Extra is a medicine that helps birds moult faster. It also helps with listlessness or unsatisfactory singing, etc.
  • Is it necessary to worm my bird?
  • Worming your bird is necessary, just like it is for any other pet...

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