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Questions about Dogs Joint Care

  • Why do the Beaphar Joint Tablets have two options for dosage?
  • The higher or initial dose for Beaphar Joint Tablets, is to help alleviate complications caused by joint problems. Once the joint is at full strength the maintenance dose will help to keep it strong, ensuring supple...
  • What product can I use easily to help keep my dog's joints healthy?
  • Beaphar Glucosamine Easy Treat or Beaphar Joint Sticks are great tasting treats which can be used as a reward or snack every day.
  • Is Beaphar Joint Paste suitable for all ages?
  • Beaphar Joint Paste is safe for any age of dog, and has no restrictions on use.
  • What is Hyaluronic acid?
  • Hyaluronic acid is a major component of joint lubricating fluid, essential for absorbing impact and providing cartilage with nutrients and lubrication for...
  • Should I limit my dog’s activity if he has joint problems?
  • Limiting the dog’s activity is a good idea until diagnosis by a vet and a plan has been agreed. If there’s a problem that causes instability, excessive movement can do a lot more harm to the joints. However limiting activity in the longer term can...
  • Are some breeds more prone to joint injuries?
  • In general, increased size and weight is often a predisposition to joint problems. Large breed dogs tend to be more prone to different sorts of joint injuries than smaller ones. Joint problems in cats tend to be age related or occur following ...
  • What can I do to help prevent joint injuries in my dog?
  • If buying a puppy, (especially a large breed), research the health complications that the breed is prone to. Reputable breeders will readily offer any health information. Ensuring dogs are at a healthy weight, fed a good diet and high quality...

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