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Questions about Dogs Dental Care

  • How often should I brush my pets teeth?
  • Every day is the gold standard, and a small amount of brushing every day will prevent the build up of plaque and formation of tartar, as well as increasing the bond between pet and owner. However any brushing is better than none, and brushing...
  • Why can’t I use human toothpaste on my animals?
  • Foaming ingredients can cause severe sickness in cats and dogs.
  • Will dental powder stay in the mouth long enough to be effective?
  • The dental powder works after ingestion through absorption into the saliva via the blood.
  • How do I use the Plaque Away (formerly Beaphar Mouth Wash)?
  • Plaque Away (formerly Beaphar Mouth Wash) is diluted as per instruction on pack and is ingested through normal drinking. It is perfectly safe to be...
  • What's the difference between dog toothpaste and tooth gel?
  • Both products contain enzymes that fight bad bacteria and break down tartar, which prevents plaque from forming. The gel is designed for pets who don't really like having their teeth cleaned...
  • My dog refuses to let me brush his teeth. Is there anything else I can do to help?
  • You can try using the Beaphar Tooth Gel. This requires no brushing, you simply apply a line of the enzyme-containing gel along his teeth, and let his rough tongue do all the work...

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