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Cats Fleas

  • What’s the best way to ensure my pet remains flea free?
  • For the best combination of efficacy and value for money, Beaphar recommends regular use of a Beaphar FIPROtec® Spot On and Beaphar Extra-Long Lasting Household Flea Spray. Ideally, these products should be applied before a significant flea problem...
  • Can my baby crawl on the carpet after it has been sprayed?
  • Your baby should not crawl on any surface treated with a Beaphar Home until it is dried. Before treating a room, ensure that any toys/ items which the baby may play with or put into its mouth are removed or securely...
  • Can pets walk on the carpet after it is sprayed?
  • Pets should not be allowed to walk on the carpet until the spray has dried. The wet product could be transferred to the pet’s paws, which could then be licked off when the animal grooms itself. These products are not designed to be ingested and may...
  • Are household flea sprays safe for carpets?
  • All our sprays are designed to be used on floors, carpets, soft furnishings and pet beds. However, it is recommended that fabrics are tested for colour fastness by testing on a small, inconspicuous area first. When using, hold the can from a distance...
  • Can I use flea shampoo on a cat?
  • The only shampoo which can be used on cats is our Beaphar Flea Shampoo - Repels Fleas. It can be used on cats over 12 weeks of age and contains plant extracts which repel the fleas from the cat. As fleas spend up to three quarters of their lives living...
  • How long will it take pets to dry out after using a flea spray?
  • It is normal for pets to be slightly damp immediately after spraying with the flea treatment, although the formula is designed to dry quickly. Any excess should be removed immediately with a towel, and pets kept warm until they are...
  • Is it ok for cats to groom each other after using a flea spray?
  • No; cats should not groom themselves or another treated cat or dog until the fur is dry. Cats can be kept in a warm place to help the drying process, however the owner should not use a hair dryer or put pets near an open fire as the product is...
  • How often should an on-animal flea spray be used?
  • Beaphar Flea Sprays contain natural Pyrethrum and work on the surface of the animal. The sprays are effective for around 4 days and are used mainly to kill an infestation quickly. After this period of time, a longer-acting flea treatment should be...
  • Is the flea spray quiet?
  • Both our flea spray products for cats are not aerosols, but pump action sprays. Not only does this allow an accurate control of dosage for the cat, but a very low noise, so it minimises the chance of distress for the pet.
  • Is permetherin highly toxic to cats?
  • Applied to a cat in high concentrations, such as a spot on, permetherin is extremely toxic. However, when used in a slow-release format (such as a collar), the concentration of permetherin in contact with the cat at any given moment is very low; below...
  • My cat keeps getting fleas - where are they coming from?
  • Fleas spend the majority of their lives not on your cat, but in the home enviroement. Flea pupae can survive for many months and continue to hatch into new adults, which then infest cats...
  • Can I catch fleas from my cat?
  • Fleas from your cat may well bite you (often around your ankles), but they will jump off again once they have bitten you, as your blood doesn't taste right and you're probably not hairy enough!

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