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Questions about Cats Calming & Behaviour

  • Does Beaphar Calming Spon On leave marks or cause the fur to come out?
  • No; only a transient damp patch should be observed following application. In none of our studies have any adverse reactions been noted. It is always possible for an individual animal to have an allergic or hypersensitive reaction to a product...
  • Is there any danger to the animals if they ingest the Beaphar Calming Spot On due to cross-grooming?
  • No, the product is completely safe.
  • Does the Calming Spot On leave a greasy mark on the fur?
  • No, only a temporary damp patch that disappears after a while.
  • How quickly do your calming products work?
  • Beaphar Calming Spot Ons work within one hour. Beaphar Calming Tablets start to work after 1½ hours.
  • Can you use the Calming Spot On at the same time as flea collars and other spot on products?
  • Yes. Beaphar Calming Spot On is applied between the ears on the head, whereas a flea spot on is usually applied between the shoulder blades.
  • Can I use the Calming Spot On at the same time as the Calming Tablets?
  • Yes, it is safe to do so.
  • My cat is anxious. How can I calm her?
  • Just like us, our cats can suffer from fear, nervousness and anxiety. Stressful situations can result in problem behaviour and unnecessary upset for your cat. Beaphar has developed a range of products to effectively help calm your cats...

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